Our Strategic Partners & Clients

Our Strategic Partners and Clients are technology and service providers from multinational and national companies, Government Institution on Research and Development, Private Research Centers, Universities, Oil & Gas/Energy Companies, and many others.

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BP Indonesia

BP is one of the largest foreign investors in Indonesia. We have been in Indonesia for 70 years and continue to be committed to fulfilling energy in Indonesia.

Our main business in Indonesia consists of oil and gas exploration and production activities, particularly the Tangguh LNG plant. In addition, we also have activities in the downstream and petrochemical industries.

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PT Badak LNG

Badak LNG for more than 4 decades has contributed considerably in the international gas industry so that Badak LNG has been known as a trustworthy and reliable professional Operating Organization company.

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PT Pertamina (Persero)

Pertamina always upholds its commitment to provide energy and develop new and renewable energy in order to support the creation of national energy independence. Holding the mandate as a holding company in the energy sector since it was established by the Ministry of State Owned Enterprises of the Republic of Indonesia on June 12, 2020, Pertamina now has a very strategic role in overseeing five sub-holdings engaged in energy, namely Upstream Sub-holding which is operationally run by PT Pertamina Hulu Energi, Gas Sub-holding run by PT Perusahaan Gas Negara), Refinery & Petrochemical Sub-holding run by PT Pertamina International Refinery, Power & NRE Sub-holding run by PT Pertamina Power Indonesia, and Commercial & Trading Sub-holding -holding run by PT Pertamina Patra Niaga. In addition, Pertamina operates a Shipping Company business through PT Pertamina International Shipping.

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PT Pertamina EP Cepu

Pertamina EP Cepu (PEPC) is part of Subholding Upstream Pertamina which is engaged in oil and gas industry activities including Exploration and Exploitation as well as sales of oil and gas production.

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PT Pertamina Hulu Mahakam

PT Pertamina Hulu Mahakam (PHM) which is included in Zone 8 Regional Kalimantan Subholding Upstream Pertamina, which is also a subsidiary of PT Pertamina Hulu Indonesia (PHI).

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PT Mitra Investindo

PT Mitra Investindo Tbk (the “Company”) was established on September 16, 1993 and started operations in the field of financing services (Multifinance) in 1994.

In July 1997 all of its shares (Company Listing) were listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange and Surabaya Stock Exchange under the name PT Maharani Intifinance Tbk or MITI. In the course of business, the Company carried out several business transformations, including financial advisory services in 2000, pursuing granite mining during 2006-2018 and the oil and gas industry sector in 2014-2020. In early 2021, the Company’s main business activity shifted to the domestic shipping business through the acquisition of 99.81% shares of PT Wasesa Line.

In accordance with Article 3 of the Company’s articles of association, the scope of the Company’s activities is to engage in mining, industry, agriculture, construction (contracting), trade and services. Currently, the Company is engaged in domestic shipping services through investments in subsidiaries.

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PT Medco E&P Indonesia

It is our challenge to bring this mission into realization and to ensure that each project is executed on time and the highest standards of good corporate governance and safety. Additionally, we dedicate ourselves to environmental protection and preservation as well as the implementation of effective and sustainable programs of corporate social responsibility.

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PT Proteknik Utama

PT Proteknik Utama (PTU) was established in 2010 as an Oil & Gas Services company specializing in production optimization and enhancement services.

Through Its Affiliate and Partners, the Company is also providing our Clients with innovative solutions to increase production, reduce opex, minimize contaminated waste, build a smart system, and provide safety products.

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ERCE, formerly ERC Equipoise Ltd., was created in 2010, when ERC Energy Resource Consultants Ltd (ERC) and Equipoise Solutions Ltd (Equipoise) merged. This followed a long history of technical cooperation and partnership.

ERC and Equipoises’ relationship first began in the late 1970’s when David Wilson of the original ERC first worked with Don Scott of Scott Pickford Group on the privatisations of BritOil, Enterprise Oil and British Gas.

After years of working together, it became increasingly evident that an integrated model would strengthen the technical team and offer opportunities to build upon the combined company’s strengths.

In 2015 ERC Equipoise established a full technical team in Singapore to better service a fast-growing Asia-Pacific energy market.

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PT LAPI ITB is one of the business units owned by the Bandung Institute of Technology. Established in 2004, PT LAPI ITB has provided professional services for the Government of Indonesia, Indonesian National and Regional Owned Enterprises as well as National & International Private Companies.

PT LAPI ITB is supported by ITB in resources such as International and National Experts, Laboratory Facilities, and national & international networks. PT LAPI ITB plays an important role in applying research from science, technology and art.

Rystad Energy

Rystad Energy

We are an independent energy research and business intelligence company providing data, tools, analytics and consultancy services to clients exposed to the energy industry across the globe. Our high-end capabilities within energy fundamentals, oil and gas markets, supply chains, renewables and energy transition strengthen the insight and expertise of our clients, thereby assuring quality decisions.

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PT Pertamina Training & Consulting (PTC)

As part of a subsidiary of PT Pertamina (Persero) in the Finance and Services category, PT Pertamina Training & Consulting started as a paper company in 1999 under the name PT Patra Tridaya and started operating in 2002 with its first business, namely Training & Consulting. Experienced in managing human resources and being a company that focuses on developing human capital, along with the development of customer needs, we are here to provide services and services in the fields of Event Organizer, Training & Consulting, Man Power Supply, Security Services and Assessment Center in accordance with ISO standards 9001:2015 as the best form of service for all customers in accordance with the 6C values ​​(Clean, Confident, Commercial, Competitive, Customer Focus, and Capable) that we uphold.

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Universitas Pertamina

Universitas Pertamina is a private non-service campus under the auspices of the Pertamina Foundation. Not only engineering study programs in the science and technology cluster, Universitas Pertamina also has social and humanities study programs.

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Universitas Gadjah Mada

Universitas Gadjah Mada was officially established on December 19, 1949 as a national university. Considered as one of the oldest universities in Indonesia, Universitas Gadjah Mada serves as a pillar of educational awakening in Indonesia, and purports to be a defender and disseminator of Pancasila. When it was founded, Universitas Gadjah Mada only had six faculties.

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UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta

Universitas Pembangunan Nasional “Veteran” Yogyakarta or commonly abbreviated as UPN “Veteran”, is one of the State Universities (PTN) in Indonesia located in Depok District, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region. At the time of its establishment, UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta only had 3 majors. Now UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta has 5 faculties consisting of 1 study program for D-3, 21 study programs for S-1, 8 study programs for S-2, and 1 study program for S-3.

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Universitas Proklamasi 45 Yogyakarta

Universitas Proklamasi 45 Yogyakarta is located in the district of Sleman, Yogyakarta, precisely at Jalan Proklamasi No. 1 Babarsari, Yogyakarta.

Universitas Proklamasi 45 Yogyakarta was established on August 17, 1964 by the Universitas Proklamasi 45 Foundation with the deed of establishment no. 26 of 1965. In its development, the Universitas Proklamasi 45 Yogyakarta has undergone many developments and changes, most recently with deed no. 49 dated 23 April 2014 before a notary Wahyu Wiryono, SH.

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Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel

As the former Royal Palace Residence and the witness of Indonesia’s independence day era, Royal Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta is a living heritage hotel, showcasing an extraordinary collection of authentic Javanese architectural masterpieces from 18th century and artworks from the 1964s; all are well maintain at the hotel complex until today.
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JS Luwansa Hotel

JS Luwansa Hotel Jakarta is ideally located in Kuningan, the fastest-growing and most exclusive business district in Jakarta. Perfect destination for discerning travelers who need a strategic base from which to conduct business here in the city. We’re conveniently located within two kilometers more than 50 embassies including of many major Singapore, Turkey, Russia, China, Australia, and Malaysia; Jakarta’s newest shopping malls and the Toll Road are close by as well.

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Toyota Land Cruiser Merapi (TLCM)

We are a tourist jeep transportation service on the slopes of Mount Merapi, and we provide a large, nice and comfortable tourist jeep, our goal in choosing a large jeep is to satisfy every visitor who uses our services.