I believe that DEA could help the oil and gas companies in Indonesia grow with very efficient costs by introducing the digital transformation approach.

Eko Agus Sardjono

VP Commercial of Oil and Gas, PT Pertamina Hulu Energi

It's a great idea that we can collaborate with Sekolah Alam to develop digital education for any people at any where in Indonesia and other countries.

Lendo Novo

Founder & CEO Sekolah Alam

I support the idea of DEA that will take a role of social entrepreneurship. Not many company concerns about it.

Eko Pratomo

Founder Yayasan Syamsi Dhuha

An interesting course, in terms of the digital era context, is up to date and easy to understand. Enough to provide input on how the oil industry will be in the future in the digital era.

Rachmat Hidajat

Pertamina EP Cepu - DEA Participant Training

With digitalization, the possibility of reducing costs is very large, in this training we get knowledge about what data can be optimized digitally.

Wiret Cahyahadi

Upstream Directorate of Pertamina Persero - DEA Participant Training

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