Company History

Digital Energy Asia
Company Starting

DEA's baby company was born in 2014 by initiating a start-up digital company called Raze Laboratory. We created separated small projects on Digital Application for Dynamic Music Concert Support, Digital Cyber Security, Integrated Transportation System, Intelligent Real Estate Marketing.

Raze Laboratory is a digital and creative start up, focused on creating new human experiences with their mobile devices or wearables.

Firman Azhari, as the lead R&D director, enabled the technology in digital audio processing to be part of new live music experience.

Tera Harsa, as the Creative Director, carry out the responsibility of designing the UI and UX of the apps and also branding and marketing materials. In several opportunities she assisted in setting up and pitching our business plans to potential investors.

"Light Me Up!" is The First Project

By exploiting the interplay between smartphones & live music, Light Me Up! is an app that syncs the audience’s smartphone with a stage performance, creating thousands of reactive glow sticks responding to external input. This innovative gimmick will create an extraordinary live show experience for the audience and introduce fresh marketing and promotion ideas for event organizers and musicians. Several international institutions have recognized our award-winning collaborative works, proving our visionary and excellent skill set.

The awards we received are:


  • The 1st Winner, Hackathon Indosat Wireless Innovation Contest IWIC 2015, Organized by PT Indosat Tbk. Jakarta, Indonesia - Oct 2014.
  • The 1st Winner, Indosat Wireless Innovation Contest (IWIC) 8, Lifestyle Category. Organized by PT Indosat Tbk, Jakarta, Indonesia - Dec 2014.
  • The Regional Finalist, South East Asia Mobile App Challenge (SEAMAC) 2015, Organized by J-Seed Ventures, Inc. Japan;  IE Business School Singapore, Singapore – Feb 2015.
  • The 1st Winner, Tech in Asia Bootstrap Alley Tour, Organized by Tech in Asia. Jakarta, Indonesia – Mar 2015.
  • The Bootstrap Alley Tour Winner Exhibitor Tech in Asia Singapore 2015, Organised by Tech in Asia, Singapore – May 2015.
  • The Best App Award, Indigo Apprentice Award (IAA) 2015, Organized by PT Telkom Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia – May 2015.
  • Partnership, Telkom Indigo DDB (Divisi Digital Business) Accelerator, Organized by PT Telkom Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia – May 2015.
Proposed the Concepts of Digital Transformation

In late 2017, we had proposed the concepts of digital transformation for oil and gas companies. We presented the initiatives of making Digital (Smart) Oil Fields and Future Gas Station.

We Introduced the Company to the Broader Energy Community & University

Early 2018, we introduced the company to the broader energy community and university to have more enrichment of our business, not only in generating conceptual design but also introducing the digital short course and up-skilling programs related to energy industries.