Safety, Health, Environment, and Quality


Digital Energy Asia (DEA) is committed to preventing accidents which aims to protect employees, property, and the environment. The company will comply with Indonesian government laws and regulations and recognized international standards and will create a safe, healthy, and environmentally protective work environment. Economic priorities will not override considerations regarding health and safety in carrying out work tasks and attention to the environment.

DEA Environmental Management Policy

DEA is committed to responsible environmental management. All planning and implementation of work related to our activities will be completed in such a way that the negative impacts of things that may arise can be avoided/prevented. DEA management recognizes its responsibility to fulfill its policy requirements and targets.

DEA SHEQ Responsibilities

DEA’s operational activities cover a wide range with activities that have a medium-scale dangerous potential for accidents. To avoid accidents, incidents/near misses and deviations, it is very important to have an organization that is effective in handling Safety, Health, Environment, and Quality (SHEQ) issues.

DEA K3L2M Organizational Structure

DEA K3L2M Organization