Upstream Oil & Gas


  • PSC Scheme of Gross-Split needs efficient operations.
  • Small and separated oil/gas fields need monitoring and quick responses.
  • Real-time data and speed and accurate analysis are needed to maintain production.
  • Predictive maintenance can anticipate the “low and off” productions.
  • Limited skilled people to handle wide-range covered area of operations.



  • Make the operations more efficient and effective to achieve higher profit.
  • Create a monitoring system to do quick responses.
  • Analyze real-time data with more confidence in speed and accurate responses to maximize production.
  • Provide big data analytics to operators, engineers, and management to perform predictive maintenance anticipating the “low and off” productions, and HSSE purposes.
  • Train and mentor the people to be able to handle wide-range covered areas of operations with limited resources in a digital system.


Opportunities on Digital Upstream Oil & Gas

  • Real-time Drilling Data Acquisition and Big Data usage to minimize Non-Productive Time (NPT).
  • Real-time Production Data analysis to identify “low and off” productions and make quick and accurate responses.
  • Integrated Big Data GGRP (geophysics-geology-reservoir-production) data in developing new fields and its commercials.
  • Minimize field visits to reduce the risk of accidents and optimize the number of operators working in the operation area.
  • Digital HSSE System.


Benefits of Digitalization (Reliable, Accurate, Economic)

  • Cost efficiency.
  • Alarm – early warning of issue.
  • Fully automated system and remote control.
  • Reduce site visit / Minimize safety risks.
  • Enhance digital measurement.
  • Near real-time monitoring.
  • Data quality.
  • Enhanced core skill / Team collaboration.
  • Preventative downtime.
  • Business efficiency.
  • Data Analytics.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Speed and cost-efficiency.
  • Visibility and tracking.
  • Wireless data transmission.

Field Production Processing in upstream oil/gas operations is a key success factor on OPEX (operating expenditures) efficiency. Operation and Maintenance becomes a crucial activity in the field of production processing.

Digital Systems can give predictive maintenance that significantly reduces the operating and supply chain (logistic) costs. It improves process efficiency that impacts production as well.

To deliver products in Oil and Gas operations, it has a grid of pipelines, both transmission and distribution pipelines. Managing the pipelines is not an easy task, moreover, it’s in a very complex pipeline grid.

Digital System can help you giving an advanced solution for managing such complex pipeline grid and recording the important data (such as rate, pressure, and temperature) and use it for predicting the maintenance of aging pipelines. It will impact significantly reducing the operating and maintenance costs.

More than 80% of Indonesian oil/gas fields are mature fields. It needs more investments, the innovation of technology, and/or other business approaches to further development. It is called Field Rejuvenation.

We develop a digital system that’s focused on mature oil/gas fields by gathering a big historical production data analytic to predict the potential productions with very efficient costs.

Current Upstream Oil/Gas fields need improvement regarding the operating costs since the oil and gas prices are relatively low compare with previous decades. Fossil energy, like oil and gas, has challenges from New and Renewable Energy.

We have to be smarter in managing the mature oil/gas fields, even the green (new) fields. By introducing an instrumentation apparatus and its control system, we can make the operation in the oil/gas field smart!. We will give you a smarter solution on field operations that makes the production increase, or at least it can be maintained in low declining, with very efficient operating costs.

We also develop a monitoring system that makes us easier in evaluating day-to-day operations with very accurate data analytic and directly reported to the management.

Stranded Oil / Gas is the small amounts of oil / gas trapped in a reservoir. It could be because of past productions or originally trapped in small reservoirs. To produce and monetize such as oil / gas, it needs very efficient operating costs.

Digital Systems can improve the efficiency of operations, moreover in the Gross-Split Contract Scheme that is now regulated in the contract system of the working area in Indonesia.