Solar GEM (Green Energy in Motion)

DEA (Digital Energy Asia) as a Technology Integrator for Change Management and Leadership has collaborated with AKUO Industries as a Technology Provider Integrated Solutions headquartered in Paris. Through its representatives in Indonesia, AKUO Indonesia, which is also the Local Execution Team for Supply Chain Management, has initiated Integrated Change Management for OPTIMIZATION and EFFICIENCY Enable Through “Green Energy in Motion (GEM)”.

With our superior and quality products, namely Solar GEM® (Green Energy in Motion) and Storage GEM®, it provides many benefits through the EMS (Energy Management System) program. Featuring Easy and Quick Installation, creating an Energy Distribution System that makes the future easier and more efficient.

Our products can also be used in the Hybrid Power System, which is a combination of the Solar Power System, Storage System and Diesel Generator as a backup device. All systems are managed and controlled by Smart EMS.

We have an amazing experience that shows how superior our product is among those in the Peru Mining Company and in the Berau Off-Grid Village.

Here’s a video of our product experience:


If you are interested in knowing more about our products, please take a look at the slides below:


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