Inauguration of Electricity Infrastructure Projects by the President of the Republic of Indonesia: First Time, Indonesia Now Has Wind Power, 30 Towers, 75 MW Capacity

NUMBER: 0043.Pers/04/SJI/2018
Date: July 2, 2018

Inauguration of the Electricity Infrastructure Project by the President of the Republic of Indonesia:
The First Time, Indonesia Now Has Wind Power, 30 Towers, 75 MW Capacity


  1. This afternoon (2/7), Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Ignasius Jonan accompanied President Joko Widodo to inaugurate and groundbreaking the six Electricity Infrastructure Projects in the Sulawesi region. The inauguration location was centered in Mattirotasi Village, Watangpulu Subdistrict, Sidenreng Rappang District, South Sulawesi Province.
  2. Also present to accompany President Joko Widodo during the inauguration today included BUMN Minister Rini Sumarno, Minister of State Pratikno, President Director of PT PLN (Persero) Sofyan Basir, Acting Governor of South Sulawesi Soni Sumarsono and Regent Sidenreng Rappang. Also present at the occasion were Deputy Chair of the Indonesian House of Representatives Commission VII Tamsil Linrung, Member of the House of Representatives Commission VII Mukhtar Tompo, and Andi Yuliani Paris.
  3. The Electricity Infrastructure Project which was inaugurated and groundbreaking today has a total capacity of 757 megawatts (MW) with an investment value of more than 1,168 billion USD. This infrastructure project also absorbs a workforce of up to 4,480 people from the construction to operational stages. The power plant is part of the 35,000 MW electricity program.
  4. The availability of adequate electricity will drive the wheels of development and investment which has been centered in the western part of Indonesia shifting eastward.
  5. The plant that was inaugurated was: the Sidenreng Rappang (Sidrap) Bayu Power Plant with a capacity of 75 MW, the Punagaya Steam Power Plant (PLTU), 2×100 MW capacity and the Independent Power Producer (IPP) Jeneponto PLTU Capacity of 2×135 MW.
  6. Meanwhile, the groundbreaking plant, namely: PLTU Sulsel Barru 2 with a capacity of 100 MW, Gas Engine Power Plant (PLTMG) Luwuk with a capacity of 40 MW and PLTB Tolo, Jeneponto with a capacity of 72 MW.
  7. Sidrap I PLTB is the first commercial scale wind power plant in Indonesia. Completion of the construction of this project was carried out within 2.5 years (August 2015 bd. March 2018).
  8. A total of 30 windmills with a tower height of 80 meters and a length of propellers of 57 meters, each of which drives a turbine with a capacity of 2.5 MW. Sidrap I PLTB has been operating at the end of March 2018 and can flow more than 70,000 electricity customers with 900 VA. The domestic component level (TKDN) of Sidrap I PLTB reaches 40%.
  9. The inauguration of the Sidrap I PLTB is the government’s commitment to realize the New and Renewable Energy (EBT) primary energy mix of 23% in 2025. Besides the inauguration of electricity infrastructure projects also shows the Government’s performance to continue working to meet the electrification ratio in Indonesia.
  10. The national electrification ratio is currently around 96.6%, while the electrification ratio in South Sulawesi Province has reached more than 99%.
  11. As is known, the National electrification ratio target up to 2019 is more than 99%. In addition, the Government also guarantees that there will be no increase in electricity rates until 2019.


Head of Communication Bureau, Public Information Services and Cooperation,

Agung Pribadi

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