DEA Webinar Series of Leadership and Neurological Science: (L)EARNING FROM CEO & TOP LEADERS


Brian Tracy, “the more you learn, the more you earn; and more self-confidence you will have”.

In the world of work, every day we are always in touch with other people, whether superiors, subordinates, customers, and/or co-workers (peers). It is not uncommon for us to encounter problems in communicating, discussing, making decisions, presenting ideas or ideas, planning, or just dividing time off as a team.

Likewise in personal matters. Often we have to think two or three times before finally deciding to buy things, or travel with family, while other people may just shop or go out without planning in advance. Or, some may enjoy visiting friends, while others will think about the reasons for the benefit of visiting friends’ houses.

The energy and motivation of each person in responding to events at work and in personal matters as described above has something to do with “Neurological Dominance (ND)“. And, if we can explore and recognize our own ND, then the development of our abilities in various matters related to brain work will be better managed.

In relation to this ND, we will learn from CEOs & Top Leaders in various companies, how the journey of those who have been successful in their careers to the top.

Digital Energy Asia in collaboration with Hijrah Coach has compiled the DEA Webinar Series of LEADERSHIP AND NEUROLOGICAL SCIENCE program with the title: “(L)earning from CEO and Top Leaders“, inviting CEOs and Top Leaders as Guest Speakers to share their experiences and knowledge related to travel. their careers and insights from their personal life.

The event was successfully held. And you can see the recording again on the DEA Youtube Channel at the link below:

 Watch on YouTube

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Salis S. Aprilian
Founder & CEO of Digital Energy Asia

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