In the 10th Meeting of Netizens Discuss the Synergy of Local Wisdom and Technology

JAKARTA – The meeting of netizens following the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) social media account was held again, this time in Yogyakarta, Friday (8/24). In the event there were speakers from the senior earth investigator BPPTKG Subandriyo, director of the documentary film ‘Mahaguru Merapi’, Ilman Hidayat and the head of the hamlet residents affected by the Merapi eruption, Totok Hartanto, thoroughly explored the synergy of local wisdom with technology in geological disaster mitigation, post-Merapi disaster management 2010

Unlike other volcanoes, Mount Merapi with an altitude of 2,930 meters above sea level is indeed known as one of the most erupted volcanoes. Finally, the November 5, 2010 eruption destroyed the peak and spewed material up to 17 km more than the peak.

There are always new stories and learning from each of the volcanic activities in Klaten, Megelang, Boyolali and Sleman regencies. But the most important thing is how disaster mitigation efforts carried out can minimize both physical and material losses.

“Disaster is not a mess if we can manage it,” Totok said.

Totok is one of the heads of hamlets who have been living in a permanent residence (Huntap) for almost 5 years after his village in the Kali Gendol Bantaran also became an area affected by Merapi in 2010.

“We always update the development of Merapi activities from BPPTKG information, as well as communities formed in KRB (Disaster-Prone Areas), such as @infomerapi and other communities whose mimin routinely hold meetings”, continued Totok.

In an effort to educate the public, BPPTKG collaborated with Ilman Hidayat to conduct in-depth research to produce a documentary video “Mahaguru Merapi” released in 2014. The process of making videos also gets the support of affected people, as a reminder and learning for generations after them later.

Explanation of Merapi’s activities was delivered by Subandriyo very closely, followed by the story of the process of making videos and watching with “Mahuru Guru Merapi”.

Furthermore, netizens were invited to visit Sleman Volcanic Park, precisely at KM 13 from the peak of Merapi, to witness the memorial monument of history, as well as the current conditions of the impact of the Merapi eruption in 2010. Material with a height reaching 6-7 meters is still visible on several sides of the uninhabited region .

The 10th Netizen Gathering event was concluded with a visit to the resident (cool residential name) of the resettled residents of the Sleman Volcanic Park location, which had gone through a process of extraordinary adaptation by the government and the community. By listening directly to the stories of the affected people, it further enriches Merapi’s story as a GM for the lives of Indonesian people, especially for the surrounding residents.



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